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Details Professional Premium Enterprise
Members 200 300 400
Admins 1 3 5
Campaign Types 3 All All
Training Coaching & On-boarding Coaching & On-boarding Coaching & On-boarding
Support Ticket Mail, Ticket Phone, Mail, Ticket

Community Campaigns
Landing Page Campaigns
iYou can publish your campaign on a landing page which makes it possible to let anyone participate on a campaign without them having to login or have an Ambassify account.
Points & Rewards
iSpark extra engagement by showing a points leaderboard to your members in the community.
Import Sources
iCreate a campaign based on one of your published stories from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or RSS
iLet your community members write comments below a campaign.
Approval Flow
iWe've build in some approval flows in Ambassify. For example, let another manager proof read your campaign. Or accept or decline a reward request from a member.

Member Profiles
iImport new members in bulk by uploading a CSV.
Advanced Targeting and Segmentation
iUse advanced filters to target very specific segments of your members. An example of a filter could be to target all members that are only 4 weeks part of the community but already have participated in at least 10 campaigns.
Custom Properties
iEnrich your member profiles with custom properties that you can use in your targeting and segmentation.

Push Notification
Text (SMS)
Push Notification
Automated E-mail Digest
iAutomate sending out messages to new members that match an advanced filter. For example send a message to members that earned their first 100 points.

Visual Dashboards and Analytics
Platform Activity Alerts
iGet notified about changes or certain events in the platform.
Data Export
iExport interaction, member and reporting data as CSV.
Custom Reporting

White Label App
iWe will create a copy of your native app that we will brand with your company colors and logo. This app will be published in the Android Play and Apple App Store.
Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing

Upload Logo
Domain White Label
iAll used domains can be customized to use your company branded domains. This includes the community domain, share URL domain and the from address used to send out messages.
Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing

Google Tag Manager
Zapier Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing
SalesForce Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing
HubSpot Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing

Free languages
iOut of the box we support English, Dutch, French, German and Polish as languages.
Custom Languages
iWe can add support for new languages if needed.
Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing

Security & Privacy
Single Sign On
iLet your members sign-up and sign-in with one of their favorite social logins like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google
Single Sign On for Your Organisation
iUse your internal company user directory to authenticate members in Ambassify using a protocol like SAML. We support Okta, One login, Azure AD and all SAML compatible login methods.
Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing
Two-factor Authentication
iExtra security for you and your team.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Data Processing Agreement (DPA)
Custom Data Processing Agreement (DPA) Contact for Pricing
Privacy Mode
iFor companies with very strict privacy requirements we offer a privacy mode which will prevent community members in to see any information about each other.
IP Whitelisting
iPredefine which IP addresses can access the administration panel.
Audit Log
iSee which manager did which action from which location.
User Roles
iDefine which manager gets which permissions.
GDPR Compliance
Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire

Common questions & answers

Can I get a monthly invoice ?

We strongly believe building and working with your advocate army is a continuous process. We notice our customers are more successful on yearly contracts. Also, building a community takes time. There's no quick fix in advocate marketing.

Do you have a database of potential brand advocates for my brand?

That's not what we do. We allow you to use your own databases and contacts and will identify your best brand advocates through different mechanisms, but we can't provide you with the initial data. You know or should know your customers best, right?

What's the enterprise package about?

Although everything is out-of-the box available in our different packages, most of our larger clients have very specific needs (for example: SLA, custom integrations, extra members, dedicated account manager...). Let's talk enterprise! The sky doesn't need to be the limit!