Advocacy Marketing Dictionary

Want a quick primer on advocate marketing?

Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy marketing and advocate marketing are two terms often intertwined in the head of marketers. Advocacy marketing tends to focus on the results generated by implementing brand advocacy into your marketing strategy. Read More

Advocate Experience

The advocate experience is how brand advocates experience participating in a company’s advocate marketing program. The advocate experience are basically the key factors that makes it fun, enjoyable and rewarding to participate. Read More

Advocate Marketer

Advocate marketers manage the happiest brand advocates of a company. They encourage their brand advocates to help a company grow their business, to generate more brand awareness and to improve brand credibility. Read More

Advocate Marketing Program

Every brand already has some sort of super fans recommending your business to their peers. Advocate marketing programs offers you a framework to mobilize your brand advocates. Read More

Advocate Marketing Software

Advocate marketing software helps advocate marketers manage and organize their advocate marketing program. Read More

Advocate Marketing Solutions

Advocate marketing solutions are essential for an effective advocate marketing program. It’s possible to track advocacy efforts manually, but there’s also technology that automates and facilitates this task for marketers. Read More

Advocate Marketing Strategy

An advocate marketing strategy is a step by step game plan of how your company will proceed with its advocate marketing program. Read More

Advocate Marketing

While advocacy marketing focuses on the results of brand advocacy, advocate marketing focuses more on the wants and needs from brand advocates. Read More

Brand advocates

Advocates are customers, employees, partners, suppliers, influencers and other stakeholders who are willing to vouch for your company. They publicly support, endorse or recommend your brand, products, or services. Read More

B2B Loyalty Programs

While loyalty programs are primarily viewed as a B2C marketing tactic, it does have many advantages when applying it to B2B. Read More


Campaigns are a vital part of your advocate marketing strategy. In order to activate your brand advocates you set up campaigns for your advocates to engage with, such as referral, review, testimonial, social share, co-creation campaigns. Read More


A community is an online environment where your company unites their brand advocates. This environment also shows all available campaigns where your advocates can participate in. Read More

Customer Community

Customer communities are private groups were you as a company can interact with your true ambassadors. Read More

Customer Evangelism

Customer evangelism is positive, authentic word-of-mouth that can be spread online as well as offline. Customers can evangelize through blog posts, video testimonials, social media, one-to-one interactions, offline conversations and so on. Read More

Customer Referral Programs

Through a customer referral program your company is able to gather information about prospective customers. Your current customers have an idea what your ideal customer looks like and can refer your business through a customer referral program to them. Read More

Customer Relationship

A customer relationship contains all internal as external factors that might influence your (prospective) customers’ point of view of your business. Read More

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy happens when a brand recruits its employees to promote branded content online. Read More


Gamification uses game-like elements, for example: friendly competition, point collection on leader boards as well as rewards to encourage engagement. Read More

Identifying Brand Advocates

Not every customer, partner or employee is suited to be an advocate. Identifying brand advocates involves taking a closer look at your current contact database: Read More

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. Influencer marketing activates influential people to promote your product or service online (as well as offline). Read More

Net Promotor Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a tool that measures customer loyalty. Read More

Product Reviews

Product reviews are an evaluation about how customers interact with your product, service or company. Read More

Referral Leads

Referral leads are potential customers introduced to your company by your brand advocates. Read More

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is intertwined with word-of-mouth marketing, which focuses on encouraging existing customers to rave as much possible about your products or services. Read More


Rewards are incentives that encourage advocates to participate in certain campaigns and perform certain tasks. By rewarding advocates for their efforts you keep them motivated to engage. Read More

Social Selling

Social selling leverages the power of a company’s social network in each and every stage of the sales cycle, going from generating leads to upselling. Read More

Social Sharing

Social sharing happens when customers and advocates share industry related news and the latest product updates about your company to their social media networks. Read More

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is content created and published by your brand’s fan base. Read More

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing are both online and offline recommendations given by current users or brand super fans. Read More